We are committed to achieving your targets and deadlines.

Exporting overseas depends on in-depth market analysis, several approvals, challenging logistics, complicated financing processes and critical marketing strategies.

While high quality and adequate production capacity are essential for production and sourcing, reliability is the key when it comes to exports. From standard bank guarantees to credit risk insurance and freight insurance options, we avail a wide range of sales arrangements to your satisfaction.

We are committed to achieving your targets and deadlines. We are constantly assessing our quality management system to optimize our operations. Lean Six Sigma optimization of our processes all the way from sourcing to shipping and customs clearance, guarantees that out Just-In-Time policy stays always effective. Less time lost for maximum shelf life.

Regardless if located in South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe or North America, rest assured that you will receive your finest authentic Greek products at your destination of choice on time.