Our history

Since the ancient times, the Greeks are known to combine novel ideas with good and healthy food. The Greek word “Symposium” is used internationally to describe “a meeting of experts to discuss a particular subject”, but its actual meaning in Greek is “people getting together to discuss great ideas after a banquet of good food and fine wine”.

The Greeks have been producing and exporting Olive Oil, Cheese and Wine for more than 6000 years now. Olive oil, Cheese and Wine, also known as the “Mediterranean Triad” form the basis of Greek cuisine all the way from the ancient times till our days.


Much of modern wine culture derives from the practices of the ancient Greeks. Many of the grapes grown in modern Greece are grown there exclusively and are identical to the varieties grown in ancient times, and the same is the case for olive oil and cheese.


Today, Greek olive oil, cheese and wine are made using the same recipes as for thousands of years, in modernized state of the art facilities from raw material grown exclusively in Greece, and then are stored and distributed all over the world in accordance with the most stringent Quality and Hygiene standards and regulations of the European Union.